Walks near Sougia

The climate and geography of Crete make the island an ideal destination for walkers and hikers and it has become quite a popular activity in the past few years. There are good walks on all of the island but the West of Crete, due to its combination of high mountains, gorges and beautiful coastal areas is the destination of choice for most walkers.

In the gorge of Agia Irini

Sougia is quite well placed as a base for several walks, some in the immediate vicinity of the village, others a little further away.

Departing (or ending) in Sougia

Walk through the gorge of Agia Irini, the local gorge, almost as beautiful and far less crowded than Samaria.

Walk to Lissos, an easy walk to a very special place.

Walk to Paleohora, following the coast towards the West.

Walk to Tripiti, one of the most beautiful coastal walks in Crete.

Walk to Ochros (807 m), a walk to the local mountain. Nice views.

Walk from Koustogerako to Omalos, a little known walk through an old oak forest to the plateau of Omalos. Though not difficult this walk requires a good sense of orientation.



In the region

The gorge of Samaria is easily accessible from Sougia: take the early morning bus going to Hania. On the way, the driver will let you off to catch the bus coming from Paleohora and going to Omalos. Once you have walked through Samaria, catch the afternoon ferry back to Sougia.

Walk to the summit of Gingilos (1980 m)
You need to drive (or take the bus) to Omalos and the entrance of the Samaria gorge. The path to Gingilos starts there. The walk to the summit and back (by the same route) takes between 5 and 6 hours. You will need to have your own transport or arrange a taxi (in Sougia BEFORE you go) in order to get back to Sougia as there is no bus going from Omalos to Sougia.

If you prefer to have a competent guide to look after you go to this website: Private guided walks in West Crete