The village of Sougia in south-west Crete

Sougia is a small village located by the Libyan sea, about 75 km from the city of Chania.
Maybe the narrow winding road which links the village to the north of Crete put off tour operators from offering package holidays there. The fact is that Sougia, despite its long beach and its beautiful sea has remained one of the quietest and most relaxing place to spend a holiday on Crete, away from mainstream tourism.
There are of course tourists and many of them have kept coming back for years to enjoy the friendly and laid back atmosphere of Sougia.

View of Sougia from the sea

Despite being a very small village the facilities are excellent: Sougia has a good choice of accommodation at affordable prices, the restaurants offer well above average food, the long beach is never crowded and the sea is very inviting.
Sougia is also quite well protected form the prevalent west winds.

The village is open to visitors from the end of March to the beginning of November. In the winter months most of the hotels and restaurants close down and the village goes into hibernation.

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