Getting to Sougia

Sougia is located at the end of a long valley in the south-west of Crete about 75 km from the city of Chania. This scenic road goes up to the pass of Agia Irini and back down to sea level and is therefore quite a winding road. It takes just under two hours to cover that distance by car.

Public transport to Sougia is limited: there are only one or two (depending on the time of the year) buses a day from and to Chania. The journey takes about two hours. You can see the exact (and hopefully up-to-date) timetable and prices on the KTEL web site.

Taxi is a frequent option for those wh come to Sougia.
If you need a taxi out of Sougia, make sure that you book it in advance as there are only few taxis based in Sougia and they may be busy. If you want to organize an airport transfer from Chania airport to Sougia you can contact:

Traditional fishing boat of Yannis Paterakis. Regular trips to Lissos as well as excursions and taxi boat.

Car rental There is no car rental company in Sougia.

Car rental in Crete

On foot Most people who arrive to Sougia on foot are coming from Paleohora, the next village to the West. It is a popular coastal walk which takes about 4 hours.


The ferry-boat from Paleohora to Agia Roumeli, Loutro and Hora Sfakion


By boat It is also possible to get to Sougia by boat from Paleohora, Agia Roumeli, Loutro and Hora Sfakion. You can even take your car or motorcycle on it. Bear in mind that the boats may get cancelled if the sea is rough.

Ferryboat timetable: the boat timetable varies a little depending on the time of the year and from year to year. See the time-table.