Sougia nowadays

Nowadays Sougia has about 250 rooms available so it is certainly no mass-tourism destination nor does it intend to become one. Despite their differences most people who live and work in Sougia agree that it is worth preserving the small and friendly character of the village.
The current trend seems not to be building more hotels but rather improving the existing ones as the current hotel owners notice that tourists put more and more emphasis on comfort.

Sougia, general view

There are about 10 restaurants and it is unlikely to change in the near future because the village doesn't need more.

The road from Chania has been improved and this was welcomed by most. The improvements have not made it less curvy but it has been widened a little in some tricky parts and there are less potholes.

A new trend is the popularity of Sougia as a weekend destination for the Cretans, especially the inhabitants of Chania who know that the sea is superb and the food is good, two very motivating factors for a Cretan to travel.