The beach of Sougia

The beach of Sougia is 1,2 km long and is the longest beach in the South-West of Crete. It is also quite wide (up to 70 meters in places). Although it is a pebble beach, these vary a lot in size and there are plenty of places where they are very small, more like coarse sand and it is not at all uncomfortable to lie on them.

The beach of Sougia in April


The beach has several quite unique features: nudism is tolerated (and practiced but in no way compulsory) in a large part of the beach, there are only a few beach chairs and umbrellas in a limited area, the beach never ever feels crowded because it is so long and wide and the sea in Sougia is one of the cleanest in Greece.
The pebbles are also worth a mention: they come in different colours and shapes with all kinds of markings and many visitors collect the nicer ones to take them back home.

There are no buildings whatsoever on the beach so that you feel really close to nature and the views of the coast are superb and unspoilt.

The beach has little shade apart from some tamarisk trees in the eastern area.

Small children who cannot swim will need to wear safety swimming aids or be supervised because the water drops quite quickly. There are no currents.