Services and amenities

Sougia is a little far from everything so the village provides the essentials needed on a holiday.

Banks: there are no banks. There is an ATM (cash point) but don't assume that it will always be working

Internet: many cafés have free WiFi internet. So do the hotels.

Tickets: you can buy bus tickets at a small kiosk on the sea front next to where the bus stops and starts. Boat tickets are sold at a kiosk near the jetty shortly before the departure of the ferry.

Car rental: is not available in Sougia. Nearest places where you can rent a car are Chania and Paleochora.

Taxi: there are only few taxis based in Sougia and they may be busy. If you want to organize an airport transfer from Chania airport to Sougia (or vice versa) you can contact: Meletis Nempavlakis at Sougia Taxi & Minivan Tel: +30 6940859860 or Eftychios Vittorakis Sougia Taxi & Minivan services Email: - Tel.: +30 6970344422 -

Taxi boat: if you need a boat to take you anywhere along the coast, enquire with Yannis - Fishing Boat Cruises.

Shops: see the shops page

Sifis Pentarakis from Lotos Café also offers professional reflexology treatments

Georgia Maragaki offers manicure and beauty treatments



And now, what you will not (yet) find in Sougia and may want to take care of before you get there:

There is no petrol station. The nearest are quite far away (Agia Irini, Kandanos and Paleochora) so do not arrive in Sougia with an empty petrol tank

There is no chemist. You can get basic over-the-counter medicines in the shops. The nearest chemists are in Kandanos and Paleochora.