Cafés and bars

From early morning to ...early morning, you can find cafés which will serve you breakfast, snacks and drinks.

If you are a very early starter (for example if you want to take the 7.00 bus) you will be able to get a coffee and a snack at Roxanne's place at the bottom of the "main street". She opens at around 5.00. The first cafés on the sea front will open later.

A café terrace in Sougia


Lotos Café and its beach side terrace are located right at the junction of the "main street" with the road that runs along the beach.


.Café terraces along the sea front


Just to the right of Lotos and by the kiosk you will find the Erontas-Diktamo (with a lovely terrace on the sea side and the café on the other side of the road).



Just beyond you will find the terrace of Santa Irene and beyond Syva Café.

The Raki Bar is an old favourite of those who want to have a drink on its small terrace and watch the life of the "main street".

In the summer months, you can also go to two discotheques located a little away from the village, Alabama (in the river bed) and Fortuna on the road leading out of the village. They are open till very late.

All restaurants will be more than happy to serve you drinks only so you are in no way limited to the cafés listed above.