Sougia has seven restaurants competing for custom and preferably repeat customers. The result is that all of them serve excellent food at prices below the Cretan average.
All these restaurant have their specialities so it is well worth trying them all if you stay in Sougia for a while.

Anchorage good restaurant, much frequented in the cool early spring because of its open-fire place.

Galini probably offers the widest variety of dishes.

Kyma is known for its fresh fish.

Livikon has good Cretan specialities, some of which are not commonly found elsewhere



Omikron offers a more international cuisine with some imaginative dishes.

Polyfimos a little hidden away off the street is known for its Greek specialities and charcoal-grilled dishes.

Rebetiko offers a wide range of appetizers, good vegetarian dishes and makes much use of fresh local products.

Several of the cafés on the seafront also offer excellent snacks so they are well-worth considering if you don't want a full meal.