What people say about Sougia

People come (and for many, keep coming back) to Sougia for their own personal reasons. Here you can read some of them.


"I first went to Sougia in 1985 and there was almost nothing. I have come back a few times since and although I regret that the village has grown some I will come again because of the great sense of space that I get there"


"My job is really high pressure and this place was the perfect balance. Wish I could fly in at the weekends!"


"During the week that we spent in Sougia I sometimes regretted that there was not more to do (I can't walk well because of a bad knee and don't like to spend the whole day on the beach) but then I realized that I can't have it both ways and that if there were more shops and entertaining things to do the peace of the place would be gone. I might come back but next time I'll bring some books with me"



"I have been to quite a few places on the north and south coast of Crete and I find the prices in Sougia, especially the restaurants, really good value."


"It is really easy to meet people here because Sougia is small and friendly."


"What I appreciated in Sougia were the sympathetic Greeks who were holidaying here. I didn't want to be surrounded by foreigners only whilst being in Greece."


" I have been to Crete a number of times but this is the first time I come to Sougia. What was REALLY noticeable were the waiters in the restaurants: they seemed far less stressed than in most other places although they seemed to work just as hard and their friendliness was not put up (or faked) for the job."